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Amatsuka Moe absolutely loves Risette “cute and sexy” Lingerie!

Amatsuka Moe is an extremely popular Japanese star: she is a TV actress, a singer, a model and a YouTuber with a bubbly and charming personality. With her 318.7K followers on Twitter and 192K on Instagram, Amatsuka is truly a star on the rise.

Sensual and feminine taste with Shoko Hamada!

Shoko Hamada is a very famous Japanese idol. She used to be an actress who has starred in several movies and even directed one, titled ‘Moment and Eternity’. She is also part of the Japanese idol group gra-DOLL. In 2019, Shoko left her agency to focus on her career as a freelancer and YouTuber, where she has currently amassed over 100k subscribers in a very short time. She often posts about her lingerie and swimwear outfits.

Why Japanese can't resist kawaii lingerie?

Yayo is one of the most charming Japanese YouTubers we met online. "When I try on underwear, I can't help but get excited. I feel good about myself." And that's why we cannot let her go without showing her some of our pieces.


We are in Little Red Book with Jacky!

This 2021 started wonderfully for us with a fun and sensual post by Jacky. She is an incredible Chinese trendiest who knows what she likes and shares it with all her followers.

Guess the Favorite Risette Pieces of Buramanialove's Nia!!

Nia loves lace and bright colours. Buramanialove, her incredible IG account, is full of pictures of bras and recommendations for finding the ideal lingerie for every body type.