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Why Japanese can't resist kawaii lingerie?

Yayo is one of the most charming Japanese YouTubers we met online. "When I try on underwear, I can't help but get excited. I feel good about myself." And that's why we cannot let her go without showing her some of our pieces.


After she examined our entire online catalogue, we immediately noticed that Yayo was fascinated because she kept saying "kawaii' every time she saw another lingerie (Yayo also says it several times in her vlog).

Yayo tried on four different outfits according to what she thinks would suit women because of their age, from the youngest to the most mature. If you are a slim and thin girl like Yayo, these recommendations from her will fit you like a silk and lace glove, as we like them.

 1. For beautiful young women, Yayo models a Sweet Dreams size M. This two-piece satin lingerie is as soft as a cuddle. Besides, the lace details give it a slight sensual and tender touch that mixes the best of that youthful stage.

2. Naughty Princess + Diamond Drops choker is ideal for ladies who want to feel sensual without revealing too much. The transparent fabric falls gently from the upper waist to the belly, while the top has delicate lace on the chest, showing what is needed.

3. Are you looking for something for a *wink wink* night? Yayo recommends Velvet Night, a satin slip dress that stimulates the imagination. What she likes best about this piece is its flow. The strips on the sides stretch and shrink as you wish, plus the fabric fits your natural curves.

4. And, finally, our truly champion: Side Open Temptation!! We say champion because we believe that Yayo looks best. Just look at how the semi-transparency of the body contrasts with the skin of our kawaii lingerie idol! The lack, open on one side, makes the outfit look playful and incredibly sexy.

Which one is your favourite Kawaii lingerie piece? What another undie you think it suits Yayo?


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