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Amatsuka Moe absolutely loves Risette “cute and sexy” Lingerie!



Amatsuka Moe is an extremely popular Japanese star: she is a TV actress, a singer, a model and a YouTuber with a bubbly and charming personality. With her 318.7K followers on Twitter and 192K on Instagram, Amatsuka is truly a star on the rise. Being so young, she already has accomplished so much: she recently started a music career with her first single “A Girl With Flax Hair” and has just joined Ebisu ★ Muscat in September, now at the height of J-Pop. She also has many awards under her belt: she won the Newcomer Award of the Adult Radio Award and the Most Outstanding Newcomer Award of the DMM Adult Award. Among few others, she was chosen to be part of the group of supporting girls at AVOPEN2015. Amatsuka just reviewed some of our sets on her Youtube channel, and we couldn’t be more excited to enter the closet of such a successful young woman!

Because she is such an iconic figure, and a connoisseur of lingerie, we are so excited that she tried on and made a review of our pieces!

Our “Silky Temptation” suits her perfectly well, thanks to the adjustable straps which can be regulated. She thinks the piece is very high quality and the rainbow makes it even prettier. Also, she says, it has the one thing that men love: a hook. So, this piece can be enjoyed by both genders! She also loved the undies from the set which “look kawaii from the front” and “sexy from the back”.

Trying on the second one which is "Dot Dentelle" she is also very happy about it. She says that, usually, these designs do not really fit her waist well and even make it look bigger. But our design perfectly slims her down, with the V-cut making her legs look even longer and more elegant. She adds that the best part of the piece is that it is not just cute or sexy, it has style!

And finally, she saved the best for last. The last piece she tries on is "Moulin Rouge" that suits her figure in a lovely way. She is very enthusiastic about the top in particular because, usually, her experience with corsets and similar tops is that they do not fit her properly. This one, though, fits her just perfectly. She also praises, again, the quality of the lace and the design, saying that it is excellent value for money. She even says she wants to buy all her corsets from Risette from now on!

Overall, she thinks all the pieces are both cute AND sexy and that the amazing quality is really outstanding for the price. We are so happy to hear that! Also, she says that she has already bought more and, probably, more reviews are on the way – we can’t wait!

Amatsuka is truly beautiful and her showing off Risette Lingerie really brought every single set to life. And apparently, she was under the same impression. Thank you Amatsuka!"

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