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Our Lingerie Showed in Ayumi Reiko’s Vlog!!!!

Ayumi Reiko is a popular in of Japanese social media. She is a vlogger who never bores her followers: uncomfortable questions, opinions about current global events, and hints of her day-to-day life as a fashionista. She's usually very active on Youtube and Instagram, so keeping up with her is easy.

Her fashion sense is always intuitive and elegant, with a sensual touch that adds a flirtatious and suggestive spark. That's perhaps why she fits so well with Risette Lingerie, a brand (according to her) "with delicate and precious underwear pieces."


(Thank you, Ayumi-chan!)

She reviews it for a female fan that asked her what kind of lingerie she uses to feel as pretty and romantic as she looks in her daily pics. While modelling, Ayumi-san praised the "clean and graceful" in the material and the décor. She shows the detailed embroid and the delicacy of the satin that highlights her shape without showing it.

Also, she highlighted the small features that make the difference in a good piece: the "kawaii" (cute) label and how it fitted to the top and embraced her body on the back. "Besides their high-quality and the attention to details, it has designs for every taste, most of them size-friendly!"

Although Risette was born in Montreal, its sensual underwear and accessories are enjoyed all over the world. "Its pieces show the best of you" no matter where you are and how you look. "Not only do they look good, but you feel good in them."

Seen Ayumi-san so comfy and lovely at the same time was very touching and encouraging for us. We love seeing women embrace their sensuality and improve the image they have of themselves from the intimate. ;)