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Collection: Kawaii Lingerie

What's Kawaii?
Kawaii is a Japanese word that means cute, and it's often translated as "cute" in English. Kawaii is not just about the visual; it is an entire culture encompassing fashion, music, and food.
One thing to note with the use of kawaii clothing in Japan is that it is not necessarily viewed as a childish or immature style.
The term "kawaii" can be applied to anything that might be considered cute, which includes baby animals or adults dressed up in costumes.
What is Kawaii Lingerie?

People associate with Japanese culture. It has become more common in recent years to see Japanese-inspired kawaii lingerie. The lingerie is cute, soft, and adorable.

What does Kawaii Lingerie mean to us?
Our Kawaii Lingerie is Perfect, Cute and Soft. Risette Lingerie brings an exciting and cute lingerie for all the Lolita girls and Japanese fashionistas. 
Why we choose to wear Kawaii Lingerie?
We have heard our prayers, so we bring you some lolita lingerie to fit your Kawaii personalities and tastes.
It's proven that kawaii style makes us happy and it opens new doors to possibilities that you never imagine before.
Features of Kawaii Lingerie:
We have maid lingerie, kawaii dresses, kawaii accessories, cute chokers and much more!
If you are a fan of cosplay and love to show it, we have different kind of animal themed kawaii lingerie, and even kawaii ears!
We have a maid, lolita and anime lingerie, and everything you can imagine. And, if you are more focused on Kawaii Goth; we also have a lot of lingerie and more.
In short, don't wait any longer and take a look at our catalog, you won't regret it!
In short, don't be afraid to express your personality and tastes through your kawaii clothes.