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Beginner's Guide to Choosing Lingerie

Although underwear is not something that is shown to everyone, it has a significant impact on how we feel and also how we see ourselves. Therefore, having good pieces of lingerie in the closet is something essential for any woman. However, if you still don't know how to choose the right lingerie for you, today we bring you a beginner's guide to choosing lingerie.


Don't be afraid of lace lingerie


Lace is a form of ornamental weaving that emerged in Venice during the 16th century, being for a long time a luxury product used only by the nobility. With the passage of time, the French adapted the lace to their novel and precious pieces of underwear, resulting in the modern lace lingerie, the one we all know today.

Many women prefer to stay away from lace because they think it is uncomfortable, but this is not true. Generally, when you feel uncomfortable wearing lingerie, it is because you are wearing lingerie that is of poor quality or that is not your size. So don't be afraid of lace lingerie.


Know your size


The biggest problem for women when buying underwear is because they do not know their size very well. Many do not pay attention to that, but it is something extremely important since wearing a Bra of your smaller than your size can mean a perennial discomfort, for example. So it is important that you know and dedicate yourself to knowing what your size is, because perhaps you have been buying larger or smaller clothes for a long time.


Don't be afraid to be sexy


“It's that lingerie is very sexy for me” or “I'm not a sexy woman, I shouldn't wear lingerie” are just some of the thoughts that many women have when it comes to wearing lingerie. But the truth is that being sexy is an attitude, since all women have a part of sensuality inside, they just have to bring it up. So don't be afraid to be sexy, wear the underwear you've always dreamed of, and wear it to make yourself happy, because those clothes won't be seen by everyone, then you don't have to feel sorry. Enjoy your own body and how beautiful you can look.


Choose quality lingerie


The quality of the lingerie affects the comfort you will feel when wearing it, how it will look when you wear it and the durability of the garment. In this way, there are lingerie that fall apart after washing it the first time, there are lingerie that make you feel uncomfortable and there are lingerie that do not look good at all. That is why we recommend choosing quality garments, as in Risette, where we have the best options for all those women who want to look sexy.


Dare to wear lingerie


It is proven that women who wear lingerie feel more empowered, more beautiful, that they feel better about themselves and that they are happier. And if you wear beautiful clothes that are your size and that are also comfortable, we assure you that your experience will be incredible. Do not be afraid and dare to be that woman you have always wanted to be.

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