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About Us

All women deserve to feel comfortable and safe, in the daily life or in the privacy of a room, being alone or with someone special, full clothed or just wearing underwear. And nothing generates as much confidence, sensuality and comfort as a beautiful French-style lingerie set.

The French are known for enjoying love in a free and pleasant way, without ties and without prejudice, full of sensuality and eroticism, but at the same time with the comfort that comes from being able to feel comfortable with your own body; that's why French-style lingerie is so sensual and popular around the world. But generally, many major brands are more dedicated to the look of the lingerie than the feelings of the wearer. It is not our case, because we care so much that our lingerie looks great on any woman, but that any woman can feel comfortable wearing it, physically and emotionally.

Risette Lingerie is a boutique in Montreal, dedicated to the sale of French-style lingerie. We specialize in underwear with which women can feel confident, but at the same time feel comfortable enough to enjoy their own bodies and how beautiful they look in our garments.

That's why we decided to call ourselves Risette, which in French means Pleasant and Laugh. Because we want to bring a smile to the face of every woman who looks in the mirror with our lingerie, and that our garments not only generate confidence and self-love, but also a spark of joy being alone in bed or with someone special to share special moments.

We hope that in our catalog you will find that piece of lingerie that you have been looking for so much, and that our Risette garments will make you smile whenever you see how good they look on your beautiful body.

Motivate yourself to try new styles with Risette Lingerie that will make you look and feel a happy and confident woman, with self-confidence and a beautiful body.