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Sensual and feminine taste with Shoko Hamada!


Shoko Hamada is a very famous Japanese idol. She used to be an actress who has starred in several movies and even directed one, titled ‘Moment and Eternity’. She is also part of the Japanese idol group gra-DOLL. In 2019, Shoko left her agency to focus on her career as a freelancer and YouTuber, where she has currently amassed over 100k subscribers in a very short time. She often posts about her lingerie and swimwear outfits.

We are so excited to look at Shoko’s review of our lingerie! She chose three sets from Risette which she models along with another YouTuber and model, Usako Kurusu. The first look is a lace bodysuit “A Mermaid is Born” with delicate salmon undertones, both of the girls are wearing it and showing it off front and back. The piece perfectly suits the girls’ figures and enhances their slender and elegant appearance. The front has ribbons as decorations along with little bows here and there. The back is largely empty, but it has a clasp to secure the upper part of the bodycon to your chest; the clasps are also useful to regulate how tight the bodycon will be. As a result, the bodycon suit the shape of the girls’ bodies just perfectly. The combination of bows and lace along with the soft colors is just in perfect harmony with their figures. The girls seem to love it as well!


For the last two pieces, the video displays two different choices for the two girls. Shoko wears our "Be My Valentine" a bralette, panties and lace garter belt all from the same set, while Usako wears a "Girly Girl".

Both pieces are in white and have a very delicate appearance, they both have some frills and are very feminine and sensual but, at the same time, very cute as well. The pieces are very similar to one another and definitely would fit together.

Shuko shows off the set she is wearing and removes the garter belt to display the little frills attached to the panties which beautifully follow the curve of her hip. The girls both look extremely pretty in their attire and the combination of different materials is just absolutely gorgeous and appears lovely on their figures. The pieces are simple but elaborate at the same time and they look very elegant and sophisticated. The color is just the perfect combination of delicate and sensual femininity. Shuko thinks they both look very “kawaii”! They definitely do look cute!

The pieces tried on by Shoko and Usako are all very soft, feminine, sexy but with elegance! And the models are just perfectly showing off every little detail of the outfits, from the lace, to the bows, the backless bodycon. They really took the time to show off every angle!!

Thank you so much, Girls!

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