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Guess the Favorite Risette Pieces of Buramanialove's Nia!!

Nia loves lace and bright colours. Buramanialove, her incredible IG account, is full of pictures of bras and recommendations for finding the ideal lingerie for every body type.

As she's one of the influential lingerie fashionista in Japan, it was only a matter of time before she tried one of our pieces. Want to know what she said? Read on!

Loose Ends: "a softy red hug." 

This sleep dress is ideal for big-breasted girls like her. Its firm stems provide enough support up there. "They are thick enough to take care of your bust, but not too much," that ends in a crossed back. We don't want this to be just a bra. They also have two elastic straps; it highlighting your natural attributes and give it a decorative touch. "The silk bow in the middle knot of the straps makes it even more kawaii."

Its bright red satin body is "incredibly soft" and falls straight to just above the knees. The skirt has delicate "fun to touch" strips of tulle with little sparkles. "But the best view in the back with this tulle funny frilly skirt" that goes from mid-back to... you know.

Girly Girl: "a white lace fairy."


The second piece of Nia is a "fluffy white lace" body with two designs. You can tell she loves it because it keeps jumping all over the vlog.

The ruffled sleeves joined at the middle of the waist with a delicate satin bow. Although Nia wore a white bra to match, you can also leave your boobs in the air covered with lace! The belly and butt part have two layers: satin and more lace.


"There are many brands of sexy lingerie for girls, but this one is perfect for me." Thank you, Nia-chan!

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