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A Shy Girl Wears Lingerie First Time || Risette Challenge

I've always been a shy girl. I think that's one of the things I liked least about my personality, therefore I wanted to change. But I just didn't dare to do it. I wanted to feel more confident and comfortable with my own body, but it was quite difficult for me.

When I met Shelton, my boyfriend, I thought that maybe being intimate with someone so close would make me feel more secure, less shy. But still there was something in me that didn’t allow me to fully enjoy. I always told him to keep the lights off.

But I was determined to stop being shy.

One day I was reading things on the internet, then in one of the google ads I see some photos of some women wearing incredible lingerie designs. I was immediately drawn and clicked to find the website of Risette, a French-style lingerie boutique.

All the pieces seemed incredible to me, some I appreciated very sensual, others were beautiful and comfortable and some were so daring... seeing those clothes I felt very excited, but I was not sure if it would go well with me.

Then I saw that on the page there was an ad that said: win a lingerie and write an article about your experience.

I’m a writer and I work writing articles; it is my day to day. But I had never written an article about myself, much less about something as intimate as wearing lingerie. But I wanted to know how I would look with those clothes and, also, I wanted to write about my experience, tell how I felt doing that. So I participated.

A few weeks later I receive an email telling me that I had won the contest. I was very THRILLED!

But then I immediately felt a little SCARED.

I thought then: “well, I'm going to write anything, not the real thing.”

But then I told myself it wasn't fair; that, if I had won, I should meet the challenge.

So I chose the most daring thing I could find, a piece called Harmonia's Night and made it a point to wear it the next time I had a date with Sheldon.

That was a Friday. We went to a restaurant, as we used to do once a month. The food was incredible; I thought about drinking some glasses of wine to give me courage, but I preferred water, I knew that if I wanted to stop being shy, I couldn't do it because of the alcohol, but by my own will.

After eating we went to my apartment. There we kiss and caress each other, always with the lights off. And, when we were about to undress, I told him to wait for me a moment and went to the bathroom, where I put on my lingerie. Then I went out, turning on the lights in the room, so that he saw me dressed only in that beautiful piece of clothing.

At first I was a bit embarrassed, I wasn't sure if I looked good. But, seeing how his eyes widened and how a sincere expression of pleasure was drawn on his face, I knew that I looked very good, which gave me security.

That day, I was up, having control. I felt beautiful, I felt strong. I don't have the body of a model, but my body is beautiful, like any other woman's. Wearing that beautiful piece of lingerie, I had the courage to show myself naked in front of the one I love and enjoy the intimacy without feeling embarrassed or shy. No holds barred, just fun and pleasure. Throughout the night we enjoy our bodies and one of the best nights of our lives.

The next day, I sat down to write this story. Hoping that any girl who feels insecure about her body will give herself a chance to enjoy herself and allow herself to be free. Because an amazing piece of lingerie makes any body look amazing.

Thank you very much Risette, I hope many more girls can feel like me❤️❤️❤️.

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