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4 Lingerie Trends For 2022

It's the beginning of a Chinese new year and that means it's time to predict lingerie trends! I don't have any training or qualifications to forecast trends. I just enjoy browsing lingerie products, and the challenge of trying out new patterns. These are my educated guesses

Did my 2021 lingerie trends predictions come true?

It turned out that the biggest trend in lingerie last year was something nobody could have foreseen: face masks. The popularity of masks exploded in lingerie last year. It was so common that even though they were not related to underwear, almost all the lingerie brands I knew had their own versions. It's not surprising that so many brands were eager to capitalize on this booming market at a time when the prospects of selling anything other than pandemic-related products suddenly decreased.

One of the top trends that I predicted for 2021 was that more brands would launch eco-friendly ranges and initiatives.

I was also anticipating that we would see more "solid colour lingerie that is completely stripped-back when it comes to decoration". For example, Agent Provocateur put out their uncharacteristically-plain Dion range* (it's shapewear! I never expected this brand to make shapewear! 

The asymmetrical design was my third forecast. Although it is still a niche trend, I saw many examples of it, including Agent Provocateur’s Avah corset and Joan short* and suspender*, Chantelle’s Revolt set* and Andres Sarda’s Tiziano set, and Baed Stories’ New Moon brief.

Finally, I suggested that we might see greater use of chunky buckles on lingerie in 2021. But we didn't, except for the Chantelle Revolt set, which I linked above. However, buckles tie in with one of my 2022 trend predictions for lingerie. So we might yet see more buckles! Let's talk about what's next in lingerie this year.

My 2022 lingerie trends predictions

1. Fabrics with super-comfort

Since the inception of athleisure, the lingerie industry and the general fashion industry have been inching towards greater comfort. Bralettes are gaining popularity. Then, we were forced to spend endless hours indoors and suddenly dressing up was all a matter of feeling comfortable. It's not surprising that we have seen more loungewear and lingerie in soft, cozy fabrics recently. This is one trend that I am confident we will continue to see, from fuzzy lounge sets to flowing velvet slip-dresses to ribbed knit bras and knickers.

comfortable sexy lingerie


2. 'Cycling short' underwear

Maybe Kim K and SKIMS were the ones who made thigh-shapers fashionable? It could be athleisure-fever or the fitting of leggings. People are tired of the high-leg trend. This is a natural progression of the menswear-inspired logo waistbands for knickers. This long, boxer-like shape is what I'm seeing everywhere lately. It's unlikely it will disappear anytime soon, I think!

Heart shape Panty

3. Loungewear-outerwear crossover brands/collections

This is a trend that I actually considered including in my last year's list. Let's just say, if I knew there would be a long-term pandemic, I sure would have! Because we have spent so much time in comfortable 'indoor' clothes - and there is still a long way to go before that changes, we have become accustomed to wearing softer fabrics and more relaxed fittings. Even if things go back to normal in 2021, fingers crossed! We'll still long for that.

For this trend prediction, I am talking about transitional pieces that can be worn as loungewear or outerwear. Although sleep/loungewear can be worn outdoors is already possible, I believe that 2021 will see more brands releasing wear-everywhere collections, or styling their loungewear looks on Instagram.

Pink Silk Loungewear

4. Strapping the horizontal bust

This is my wildcard prediction for the coming year. This is a micro trend that I think will disappear just as fast as it was spotted. However, strappy lingerie remains very popular. Brands will need to constantly experiment with new strap placements to keep it looking fresh. Could this straight-across, overbust placement become the next big thing. It's something I have seen a lot of lately.

Strappy lingerie

It is certain that the top trend in sustainability for last year will continue into 2021. And hopefully that trend will transcend trend territory and become the norm.

These 2022 lingerie trends predictions are what you think. Are you in agreement with them? Or have you seen one I didn't mention here?

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